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Are you having a hard time with working with a smartboard?

Are you having problems with starting your lesson or presentation?

How do you use the writing functionalities of the smartboard in combination with a notebook?

Avans offers multiple smartboards and touchscreens. Fix common problems of the smartboard yourself to sign up for a smartboard training!

Availability course
18 september 2017 Tilburg
19 september 2017 Breda
20 september 2017 Den Bosch
23 oktober 2017 Tilburg
24 oktober 2017 Breda
26 oktober 2017 Den Bosch
13 november 2017 Tilburg
14 november 2017 Breda
15 november 2017 Den Bosch
18 december 2017 Tilburg
19 december 2017 Breda
20 december 2017 Den Bosch

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